• Terms Of Use
  • Server Requirement
  • Folder Permission
  • Required Database
  • Install Information

License to be used on one (1) domain only!

The Regular license is for one website / domain only. If you want to use it on multiple websites / domains you have to purchase more licenses (1 website = 1 license).

  • You Can Do
  • Use on one (1) domain only.
  • Modify or edit as you want.
  • Translate language as you want.

If any error occured after your edit on code/database, we are not responsible for that.

  • You Can Not Do
  • Resell, distribute, give away or trade by any means to any third party or individual without permission.
  • Include this product into other products sold on Envato market and its affiliate websites.
  • Use on more than one (1) domain.

For more information, Please Check Envato License FAQ

Server Requirements

PHP Required PHP version 8.1
BCMath Required BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype Required Ctype PHP Extension
JSON Required JSON PHP Extension
Mbstring Required Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL Required OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO Required PDO PHP Extension
Pdo_mysql Required Pdo_mysql PHP Extension
Tokenizer Required Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML Required XML PHP Extension
CURL Required CURL PHP Extension
Fileinfo Required Fileinfo PHP Extension

Folder Permission

@core/bootstrap/cache/ Required Permission: 0775
@core/storage/ Required Permission: 0775
@core/storage/app/ Required Permission: 0775
@core/storage/framework/ Required Permission: 0775
@core/storage/logs/ Required Permission: 0775
give permission 0755 to bootstrap/cache/, storage/, storage/app/, storage/framework/, storage/logs/ folder

Required Database Check

Database Required database.sql available

Database & Admin Information

Application URL
Database Information
Admin Login Information